Free In-Home Design Consultation For a Limited Time

It’s the New Year so what better time to refresh those tired, outdated or unfinished rooms and turn them into fresh, stylish, stunning new spaces that will leave you feeling serene, happy and inspired.

Work With Someone Who Understands Your Needs

I’m Michelle Whaley, and I’ve been living in Calgary since 1995 designing and decorating homes just like yours.  Additionally, I owned and operated one of Calgary’s largest, full-service furniture and Interior Design companies for over a decade. Whether you’ve seen my work in one of the Calgary’s top show homes, or possibly in a friends home, I’d like to help you make your home beautiful too.

Access Great Design Advice for Free

You may have seen one of my brochures or been referred by a friend, either way I’d like to introduce you to my Services.  Now is the time of year when clients reach out to me to help take those outdated rooms and make them stunning.  So for a limited time, with limited spaces available, I am offering complimentary Interior Design Consultations.

I Make Interior Design In Your Home Fun and Easy

I fully understand that it can be a little unnerving to hire a Designer to work in your home.  People immediately think it can be expensive or that the Designer may lead them down a path that they don’t want to go down.  That’s not the case with me so I want to take that fear out of it for you.  With the Room Transformation Event you’ll get solid design advice to take those outdated rooms you’ve been wanting to freshen up and make them stunning and new.

I Can Save You Time and Money Too

Many of my clients have tried to decorate on their own in the past.  Some chairs here, a rug there.  The room is never totally “done” and the look is a mish-mash of impulse buys that just don’t work together.  Often the furniture doesn’t fit properly or everything ends up being the exactly the same colour!  In the long run you end up spending far more than you would have had I worked with you and helped you to put together a design plan based on the overall look you were trying to achieve.

With a little design help, I can guide you through all of the selections necessary so that you don’t end up making mistakes that will cost you time and money long term.  I’ll help you put together a timeless look that will last you for many years to come.  Also, by working with someone like myself, I have access to trade-only discounts that can reduce the cost to many of the pieces you might try and buy on your own. I also have endless resources of furniture, fabrics and accessories to share with you that can save you huge amounts of time trying to find these goodies on your own.

Don’t Put Off Feeling Good Any Longer

Many of my clients kick themselves for waiting so long to redo a room that needs help.  Every single day they walk into that unfinished room and mutter under their breath about it.  That’s not good energy to be carrying around with you all day. When the room is finished it’s like a huge weight gets lifted.  It is a tremendous feeling when you walk into a room and it feels good to you.  When a room is made beautiful, comfortable, organized and functional, brimming with colours and pieces that reflect your tastes and personality then it really becomes a sanctuary. Somewhere you just love to spend time.

You May Not Be Ready

Maybe you have a space you’d like to tackle but you’re not looking to get started on it for a few months.  That’s ok!  Often I meet with potential clients who have a project they’d like to do but are not quite ready to get started.  Let’s take this time to get to know one another to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

No Project Too Large or Too Small

From whole home decorations to small, one room projects.  I look forward to them all.  Just last year I worked with a client who was anticipating that her whole living room and dining area was going to need an entire makeover to get the look she wanted.  But after the design consultation I was able to give her a handful of ideas that dramatically changed the look and feel of those spaces at half the cost she was anticipating. So while a project may seem daunting, once I get my experienced eye on it, it’s a breeze.

Reaching Out Is Easy

If you’ve never had an in home interior design consultation before then you are in for a real treat. I guarantee it’s lots of fun and you will feel a lot more clarity and excitement for your project by the time we are finished! I Promise.

You can contact me by using the Contact Form below, or by any of the means listed on my Contact Us page by clicking here.  I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your project. PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN REPLY TO YOU!

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