I’m so glad you’re here. My hunch is that you have a room, or many rooms, in your home that need a design intervention.

Or maybe you’ve just built a new home and you are starting from square one. Ground zero. And every room needs some degree of design help.

But, if you’re like many of my client’s, I imagine you just don’t know where to start. Which direction to go. Your head is spinning with questions:

  • What sort of look do I want for the room?
  • What colours should I use? Or maybe neutrals would be safer. I don’t want to tire of it quickly.
  • I think greys would be nice, but are they still going to be in style in a few years.
  • Patterns? There are so many. How will I narrow it down?
  • What style of furniture should I pick?
  • I really love the look of draperies but I don’t know what style of draperies are current and modern looking?
  • Brushed Nickle or should I try Brushed Gold this time? I’m seeing it everywhere now.
  • What size should my carpet be? Maybe a patterned carpet this time.
  • I’m so bored with my bedding, but I’m scared to try anything with pattern or too much colour.
  • I just can’t visualize it!

Whoa there…

Let me reassure you that these are actually fun decisions to make. (did she just dare to say the F word). No I’m not kidding. You just need the right guidance. The right Design partner to walk you through your choices.

You have your own personal tastes, preferences and lifestyle, and I will help you make it fresh, original, beautiful and functional. Neutrals and colours, patterns and solids, beautiful textures of all kinds. I can show you how to bring them all together to create a stunning room.

So take a browse around and learn a bit about me. I’ve loaded this website with lots of info and photos so that you can get to know who I am and take a peek at some of my recent work.

This will be a good start, but everyone’s project is different, so please don’t be shy and go ahead and send me an email if you have some specific questions on how I can help you.

That’s what I love to do!

Michelle, I have a question...

6 + 1 =

Design Services…to name a few


Soften your room with beautiful draperies.

Furniture Layout and Selection

Furniture layouts that suit your lifestyle.

Art Consultations

Stunning art adds colour and personality

Beauty Matters.  Design is not simply visual.  It goes so much deeper.

Consider the feeling that comes over you when you walk into a well designed room. That sense of inner calm that says “Ahhh, now this is nice.”

A happiness sets in and you feel as though you want to stay for hours and soak it all in.

That is my goal. That is what we are trying to achieve when we set out on a Design Mission together.

That is why I do what I do.


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